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technologies to enable universal connectivity & interoperability

To facilitate device connectivity with the TelTel Network, a suite of embedded software and connectivity accessories are available from TelTel to manufacturers of consumer electronics devices to eliminate or minimize the development cycle required to connect such devices to the TelTel Network. The embedded software is available to OEM/ODM manufacturers under the product name "Keystone". The connectivity accessories, under the product name "Device Home Station", provide built-in connectivity solutions with existing standard-based digital home networks to allow a wide variety of home consumer electronics to be readily connected to the TelTel Network.

To facilitate application and service connectivity with the TelTel Network, an Open Service Architecture platform is available on TelTel Network to help third party application and service providers to readily "plug-in" their solutions to the TelTel Network. A suite of API’s is available to help minimize the development cycle for service providers and application developers.

From media-rich communication devices to innovative home automation solutions, TelTel Network offers flexible solutions capable of supporting an extensive array of Internet connectivity, remote control, presence report, and media transport with minimum amount of changes required of existing devices and applications..