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TelTel Network users can manage their web connected devices and applications all from the convenience of a web portal called the User Centric Portal or UCP.  From any web browser anywhere, a user can logon to the UCP to view the current status of his devices, change device settings, purchase new devices, manage his existing services, subscribe to new services, manage online payment and receive online technical support, all from a single place.  The UCP acts as a ubiquitous window for TelTel Network users to engage interactively with the devices they own, the services they subscribe to and the people they need to communicate with anywhere on the TelTel Network.

UCP is the single most important interface a user has to interact with devices and services on the TelTel Network and also for the TelTel Network to proactively inform the user of the latest update from the network which will enrich a user’s experience on the TelTel Network.  In addition, many of the TelTel Network services utilize the UCP web interface as a console for users to actually use the services such as viewing the video streamed from an IP camera used in a surveillance application.  As such, the UCP is intended to become a centralized place on the web for users to congregate, for new applications to be spawned and for new eCommerce opportunities to be generated.  

Since the TelTel Network is knowledgeable about the kinds of devices a user currently owns on the network, the TelTel Network is capable of pushing to the users new applications which can be subscribed and which also utilize the same set of devices a user already owns.  Hence the UCP can serve the role of potentially up selling new service subscriptions in the TelTel Network ecosystem.  In addition to device driving new service sales, the converse is also true where TelTel Network can drive new device sales from services by pushing to the users information about new devices which can enrich the services a user has already subscribed to.

The UCP effectively acts as a virtual window for a user to view, access, manage and interact with selected TelTel Network resources in order to enhance his digital living experience and to participate in a new generation of connected economy.