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TelTel Network – connecting devices, applications and users

TelTel operates a global network called the TelTel Network. TelTel Network stands for Public SIP Transport Network, a managed peer to peer standards-based open network currently connecting over 2 Million consumers and consumer electronics devices worldwide. Operated and maintained by TelTel 24 X 7, TelTel Network is a carrier grade publicly accessible overlay network which enables any web based applications to interconnect and interoperate with any web connected devices anywhere anytime. Serving as a layer above the traditional Internet, TelTel Network seamlessly connects devices, applications and users by providing a universal platform upon which a new generation of user-centric ecosystem is hosted.

TelTel Network acts as a global network computing cloud equipped with standards-based open interfaces to allow consumer electronics devices to be seamlessly connected to this network via standard USB interfaces and any RF wireless interfaces. Applications and value-added services can be rapidly developed for the TelTel Network via the Service Oriented Architecture API library. TelTel Network provides the ultimate platform for unprecedented interconnectivity and interoperability between any such connected devices and applications for any user anywhere anytime.