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TelTel Launches Enhanced TelTel Network Platform to Internet-Enable Consumer Electronics Devices

Users can now manage devices, subscribe to services and share content via a single web portal

Santa Clara, CA – July 17, 2008

TelTel, a provider of SIP-based global network platform, today launches its enhanced Public SIP Transport Network (TelTel Network) enabling consumer electronics devices to be seamlessly connected and universally interoperable over the TelTel Network. Users of consumer electronics and telecommunications devices connected to the TelTel Network can now easily manage all their devices, subscribe to new services and share content from a single web portal anywhere in the world.

TelTel Network is a managed peer-to-peer standards-based open network platform currently connecting over 2 Million users worldwide that rely on it for voice, multimedia and audio/video content and a variety of hosted services. Serving as a layer above the traditional Internet, TelTel Network acts as a global network computing cloud equipped with standards-based open interfaces to allow consumer electronics devices to be seamlessly connected to this network. TelTel Network provides interoperability with all TelTel Network-ready hardware, IP endpoints and soft clients.

TelTel Network employs adaptive peer-to-peer media transmission to ensure the highest QoS. Furthermore, devices connected to TelTel Network are assured of seamless traversal of signal and media across different firewalls and network address translators (NAT), Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) gateways and web proxies. Benefits of connecting to the TelTel Network also include auto-provisioning, automatic firmware upgrade, one-button diagnostics, and anti-spoofing, which protects against packet data masked as a trusted source.

"Most consumer electronic devices are still not web-enabled, so they require complex configurations to connect to the Internet," said Jack Chang, COO of TelTel. "TelTel Network is no longer just a VoIP platform—it now also provides device manufacturers including OEMs and ODMs with a network platform to support their consumer devices and services. The new features of TelTel Network simplify and automate the process of connecting consumer electronic devices to the Internet and make them, in effect, plug-and-play."

TelTel partners with brand name consumer electronics device manufacturers as well as OEM/ODM device manufacturers to enable their products to be connected to TelTel Network. Device manufacturers take advantage of TelTel's robust TelTel Network platform and the rich repertoire of compatible value-added services resident on TelTel Network to increase hardware sales and decrease customer service cost. As an open platform, TelTel Network also encourages partners and developers to continually create and offer new revenue generating applications and services that can enrich the user experience of the devices.

About TelTel

TelTel hosts a managed peer-to-peer worldwide network platform and provides enabling technologies to enable consumer electronics devices and value-added services to be web interconnected, universally accessible and interoperable on this platform. TelTel partners with brand name and OEM/ODM device manufacturers and application developers to Internet-enable their products and applications and to create a revolutionary ecosystem where devices, services and users are all interconnected via this platform to jointly deliver an extensive array of new solutions in a connected world.


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