our belief

everything will be connected

TelTel leads the industry in revolutionizing a new world where everything will be connected.

Based on the belief that an increasing number of consumer electronics devices will be web connected and that web is a realization of software as a service, TelTel strives to provide a universal platform where all web connected devices and applications can interconnect and interoperate.

We believe this universal platform is equivalent to a global network computing cloud with virtually infinite I/O port capacity to accommodate all web connected devices to be plug-and-play on this network. We believe this network cloud must be equipped with universally accessible connectivity ports that reach out into digital homes and enterprises on every corner of the earth.  By becoming a “last meter” provider to digital homes and enterprises through these ports serving as extensions of this universal platform, TelTel’s vision is to intelligently couple devices so connected with matching applications over this platform to achieve a new world where devices, applications and users are all seamlessly connected and where any user can use any application on any device anywhere anytime.

We further believe the ultimate goal of this platform is to empower device manufacturers, application service providers and users to join in a new ecosystem sustained by web connected devices, user generated applications, user provided sales channels and user powered support in a totally connected world.